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Commercial Painting

Prestige Decorating, Inc. has the painting solution for any size commercial project- from a single unit to a large commercial complex. Painting a commercial building must serve two purposes: protect the building from weathering and decay; and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial Interior Painting

We specialize in painting and applying various types of coatings and coverings, from delicate fabric to tough epoxies in high wear areas. Retail spaces, doctors’ offices, laboratories, hospitals, in fact most commercial facilities require a high level of awareness to the environment. Prestige Decorating, Inc. works with paints that are low-odor or odor-free and are compliant with strict VOC regulations.

Our ability to asses problems, manage surface preparation and apply suitable coatings on time and on budget is what it takes to satisfy the needs of our customer base.

Pressure washing

• Remove dirt and mildew from exterior surfaces such as vinyl or wood siding, decking, driveways, sidewalks, and a variety of other surfaces.

Clean up

 All trash is removed from job site.

• At the end of the project everything will be cleaned.

• Our cleanup and final inspection helps set us apart from the competition.

Final Inspection

• Our crew will do a final inspection to ensure that all work is complete and thoroughly clean.

• As a courtesy to our customer.


Touch up paint is labeled and left with the customer.

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