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Before we paint the walls and ceilings, we properly prepare them by filling all nail holes, repairing all drywall imperfections, and repairing corner beads. We will then prime all new or damaged drywall areas and any water or oil stains that may need attention before commencing painting so as to provide the best finished product possible.

Residential Interior Painting

Prestige Decorating, Inc. can perform various finishes according to your needs.
Some examples include:
* faux finishes
* murals
* professional artistry
* decorative painting
* including- leather look
* strea
* marbleizing
* stripes
* antiquing
* stippling
* ragging
* wood graining
* combing
* textured coatings
* and color matching
These specialty finishes will give your walls a makeover.

Residential Exterior Painting

• Thoroughly power wash entire area in need of painting.
• Caulk windows, doors, cracks in siding, or gaps in trim boards.
• Remove and paint behind downspouts.
• Spot-prime bare wood.
• Building is given time to dry.

We take great pride in our work.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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